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💰 Love & Money Manifestation Plan

Hi Amazing Manifestor! 

This program is about unpacking beliefs that are not serving us, replacing them with our manifestations and desires, and repeating the process. You will receive 21 daily emails with a daily practice to add to your manifesting process. 

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21 Modules

LAM Day 1 - Affirming Where You Are Going

Welcome to day 1 of your manifestation journey in love and money! 

LAM Day 2 - Love & Money Manifestation Plan 

Today is all about recognizing where you have received love & money in the past.

LAM Day 3 - Secret Manifesting Formula

Okay, here it is! The secret formula for manifesting more money into your life! 

LAM Day 4 - Getting Clear & EFT (tapping)

Decide what you want, and start acting "as if" and recognizing what's coming to you!

LAM Day 5 - Decluttering Physical / Emotional / Relationships

Identifying what's holding us back and clearing the space to allow more love and money.

LAM Day 6 - How Self Love & Worthiness Relates to Relationships & Money

These days everyone seems to be talking about self love. Some people reject it.

LAM Day 7 - Forgiveness Opens Us up for Abundance

Today we are focusing on forgiveness. You'd be surprised how much this relate to receiving.

LAM Day 8 - Clarity Around What You Want

We are diving deeper into what you'd like to manifest with another journaling prompt. 

LAM Day 9 - The Subconscious Mind vs the Conscience Mind

The subconscious mind controls our outcomes. Telling it to change won't change it.

LAM Day 10 - The Power of the Written Word 3x33

The more we focus on what we desire as if we already have it, the more we build the FAITH.

LAM Day 11 - 3x33 Continued (and Audios)

Today we are completing the consistency of writing our affirmation and FEELING it...

LAM Day 12 - 3x33 Continued

Today we are completing the consistency of writing our affirmation...

LAM Day 13 - Visualization for Loving Energy & Security

Time to go deeper with a longer meditation. 

LAM Day 14 - Repeating your Affirmations

Affirmations work because we repeat them. Listen to your affirmations and rate your energy.

LAM Day 15 - Cord Cutting for Healing Financial Energy

Cord cutting is a visualization using Archangel Michael to cut the energetic cords...

LAM Day 16 - Good Vibrations: Giving & Receiving

Today focus is on our vibration. We  always manifest, whether we are intentional or not. 

LAM Day 17 - Forgiving & Releasing as Much as Necessary

Forgiveness. It can be completed in one day, one moment, and yet it may be completed again.

LAM Day 18 - Word Have Power, Choose Your Words

Word have power. What are you speaking over your life? 

LAM Day 19 - Unconditional Love

Are you open to love? Does it show itself physically in your space? 

LAM Day 20 - Recognize Your Shifts

You're still here, here doing the work within. Notice the shifts. 

LAM Day 21 - 10 Year Old You & 10 Year YOU

We can create A LOT in 10 years. Think to how limited our thinking used to be, now think...

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