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🔮 Manifest Abundance Now

Manifest Abundance NOW is a 4 week academy intensive to overcome the fact that you are blocking your blessings!

Learn the actual process to allow yourself to transform, feel good, and receive the things you desire! 

Course consists of recorded LIVE Zoom calls, pre-recorded calls and FB LIVE calls.

💕 Self Love Perfectionist Project

Self Love Perfectionist Project is the first 6 weeks of loving yourself better for the rest of your life. Loving yourself is the foundation to setting boundaries, creating better opportunities and relationships. 

💰 Love & Money Manifestation Plan

It's time to overcome ourselves to create a new reality! Most people are waiting for their circumstances to change in order to be happy. "When I have X amount of money, I will feel happy." Or "When I have a partner who loves and respects me, I will feel fulfilled." 

This program is about unpacking beliefs that are not serving us, replacing them with our manifestations and desires, and repeating the process. You will receive 21 daily emails with a daily practice to add to your manifesting process. 

😎 Energy & Aligned Action

Before you take any action (if you want it to work) there needs to be good energy and alignment to that action. In this 4 week intensive - you will learn how to prime your energy so the actions you take create the results you want! 

🧬 Quantum Leap Vision Board Workshop

This 2 hour vision board workshop guides you through everything you need to make a digital vision board. If desired, you can also gather the supplies to make a physical vision board using printed pictures or magazines. This course also includes what to do after you've made your vision board! 

⚡️Anxiety DETOX⚡️

The simple 4 part ☮️  Inner Peace Pathway to release anxiety and stop wasting energy on what other people think!

💰Making Money With Your Mind Workshop

This workshop will be recorded LIVE on March 11th at our in-person event in Fayetteville, NC. The replay will be uploaded within 10 days of the event date & you will receive an email notification that it is ready. 

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