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⚡️Anxiety DETOX⚡️

The ⚡️ Anxiety Detox Course is designed on the simple 4 step ☮️  Inner Peace Pathway.

This course will help you release anxiety so you can stop wasting energy on what other people think of you! Enrolling as a founding member gives you exclusive access and coaching opportunities. Students are releasing anxiety within their first 3 minutes of logging in! Kick-start your progress with the 14-Day Challenge when you enroll today!

🎉What's included? 

  • Immediate access to the 4 Part Inner Peace Pathway Modules

  • Learn to shift your energy quickly with 90 second Energy Shift Methods

  • Access to private community for recovering people pleasers

  • Monthly LIVE coaching calls + replays 

  • BONUS: People Pleaser Pattern Interrupt Audio Recording

☮️ What is the Inner Peace Pathway?

This simple 4 Step process takes you from overthinking, being anxious and stuck in your head wondering what other people are thinking, to feeling confident and accepting yourself - bringing a sense of inner peace. 

Step 1: ⚡️Energetically Shift

Step 2: 👉Take Aligned Action

Step 3: 🎉Celebrate & Validate Yourself

Step 4: 🙏Master Your Energy 

If you have questions about this course, make sure you watch this Free Webinar: How to Release Anxiety and Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

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8 Modules

1: Energetically Shift⚡️

Step 1 in the Inner Peace Pathway is Learning to shift your Energy so you can move from destructive energy to creative energy. 

2: Take Aligned Action 🙌

This phase is the next step after shifting your energy. This is where you break the pattern of people pleasing and choose differently. 

3: Celebrate & Validate Yourself 🎉

This step you will do over and over again, as it is the key to creating confidence in who you are and what you choose to do. 

4: Master Your Energy🔮

This is an ongoing process to be in continual awareness of your energy, thoughts, emotions and actions. This is how you master your energy so you stop worrying about what other people think! From here you move into master of manifesting your best life.

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